Holy Hannah, what are these authors thinking?

(Yes, I'm rewatching SG-1 lately. Hush.)

I'm checking out the websites of the authors attending COSine this weekend, so I have some idea of who they are, what they write, and how much they need my help, and wow, seriously. 1995-era GeoCities just called and wants its websites back. Yikes!

I mock because I love, but seriously, folks: the whole point of an author's site is to get readers to read what you've written, so give them that information. Most readers don't care about your cat, your past lives, or your obsession with Cheez-Its; we're visiting your site because we read something by you that we enjoyed and now we just want to read more of your stories.

More on this topic later. (I'm working on a presentation about it right now, as a matter of fact.)


I'm not just saying that: I really do love helping authors reach out to readers, and I hate seeing it done badly. It causes me physical pain every time I visit an author's site that looks like it was thrown together by the neighbor's kid or That Guy you know from work who knows web design. *rolls eyes* You get what you pay for, folks!

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